145 Unit Deal Investor Packet Pt 1- Houston Submarket

October 16, 2020

I'm sharing with you guys the details on my 145 unit. Today I'm bringing you the highlight regarding the Houston market. Hope you enjoy!

Houston Market Overall Is Strong

Population Growth

Houston for decades now has been one of the fastest growing metros in the United States. From 2020-2029 Cushman and Wakefield estimate that population growth will be 17.2%. This would be the second highest metro in terms of population growth after Dallas in the US. source Houston has some of the largest metro to metro relocations over the last 10 years growing 20.7%.

Job Opportunities

Houston houses the headquarters of 41 Fortune 1000 companies, 22 of them are on the Fortune 500. Excluding Covid unemployment job growth has been consistently positive. Houston fared better than most metro cities in weathering the pandefic due to affordability and net migration. Houston is home to the largest medical center in the entire world with 55 member institutes. The Texas Medical Center has over 10M patient visits per year. The Houston airport system is one of the largest in the country employing over 230,000 individuals. 

Transportation is performing excellently during the downturn. Port of Houston rates 1st in the US in total foreign tonnage imported through the US and supports 1.1M jobs. It is also the largest export market in the US.

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