Crystal Clear Goals

September 8, 2020

I'm a member of GoBundance, a group of guys who all run businesses, with the focus of creating whole life millionaires. As part of the group we prepare what are called one sheets. A one sheet outlines your business performance and focuses on goals within each of your gardens. There are 8 of them (Health, Lifestyle, Business, Financial, Spiritual/Contribution, Personal Growth, Friends/Family/Relationships, Environment/Tribe).

The group originated from a group of 3 men who were accountability partners over decades. They learned over time that having crystal clear goals is the best way to achieve the success you want in your life. Success isn't just wealth, but encompasses all aspects of life. As we say, Grab Life Big. All three of them achieved 8-9 figures in wealth generation over their careers.

Since I've joined and started tracking my business and personal goals my life has improved immensely. As I hit goals I make sure to reward myself. If one of my gardens is slipping or I don't prioritize it in that quarter then I pick it up the next month. If you want success for yourself you need to track and update your goals every quarter. The more consistently I do this the better I perform.

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