It's Cold

February 16, 2021

Down here in Houston we are on Day 2 of sub 20 degree temperatures. The last time this happened was in 1989. To say the least the city wasn't prepared. As of this morning about 1.2M people are without power.

Once we heard the news we went into overdrive. Forwarded phones, sent out tenant letters, wrapped pipes, left faucets dripping, and reached out to Airbnb guests letting them know about the extreme conditions. We had to react quickly as new information came out.

On the business development side we've had three meetings cancelled this week due to weather. We had to pivot and have spent the past two days working on our business, writing blogs, doing continuing education, and re-writing some of our processes.

We can't control the crazy Houston weather, but we can do our best to position our properties and our company for tomorrow.

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