Lessons From a 9 Figure Millionaire Part 2

August 25, 2020

You can read part 1 here.

Last weeks quick post was so popular I decided to do another from the same topic. He was asked what he would tell himself 15 years earlier. He quickly answered:

"Stay In Your Lane"

As we age we begin to see our blind spots. The things we don't know are always the things that get us into trouble. He invested a large portion of his net worth into single family homes. As he saw success he began to expand into other areas, such as tech investing.

A decade later and he realized that he would have made double to triple his money had he just stayed focused on the thing he knew well (single family homes).

I've talked to a lot of millionaires and had the opportunity to become one myself. You know what the wealthiest people I meet all have in common? They do one thing really well. Gary Keller wrote a book about it.

You can always go deeper and get better at the things you do well. Find something that you are good at, you love, the world needs, and you can be paid for. Then do that thing really well. Warren Buffett has made the majority of his money on less than 10 trades. If you catch yourself jumping from task to task, write out your unique skills and knowledge. Try and find the thing you can excel at and do it. Stay in Your Lane

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