Lessons From a 9 Figure Millionaire Part 1

August 18, 2020

Last week I attended a conference in Breckenridge. One of the presenters was an individual worth 9 figures. He made most of his money in real estate franchises and real estate investing.

Someone asked him what was the number 1 thing that allowed him to achieve his success. It was goal setting.

Holding yourself accountable to your goals and making daily progress on tasks that move you towards them leads to true wealth. I personally don't know anyone that tracks their goals daily that has not achieved some level of success.

It takes about 30 min out of your day. Is that worth achieving your dreams? I know for me I went to my room right after and reviewed my goals. I've tracked quarterly and yearly goals for awhile, but have not exercised the discipline to create a daily list of tasks that move me forward.

I'll update you on my progress.

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