Reading to Grow

September 1, 2020

If there is anything I've managed to do well it's pursue education in areas I am interested in. I've probably read over 25 books on real estate and property management.

In Q3 (this quarter) I'll have read 5 books. Success leaves clues. Ask mentors or people you admire what are books they enjoyed reading and start with those. I have maybe 3 or 4 books I could pick up next. If you keep a strong network of other investors/entrepreneurs you will never run out.

Ryan Holiday talks about the importance of re-reading books that had a significant impact on you rather than looking for a new book. Currently I'm re-reading Atomic Habits because it has been so influential to many folks I admire. I take notes and highlight every book I read so I can quickly look up or review the entire book.

There isn't one book that is going to solve all your business problems. Your goal should be to slowly collect data points from multiple voices so that when the time to make a decision comes, you can utilize everything you have learned.

I believe very strongly that my prolific reading is instrumental in my success and the success we provide for our owners. Be curious about what you love and the results will follow.

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