Real Estate The Hard Way

July 28, 2020

When I got to Google I knew very little about software development. I had never built a program myself. My background was as a CPA in oil and gas. Through a bit of fate and serendipity I found myself at the #1 company in the world to work for.

While I was technically part of finance, our team helped design the billing and payments system. Made up of a hodgepodge of MBAs, accountants, payments folks, etc. we would be partly responsible for the design of the internally developed billing and payments system at Google. In a few short years I would move over to the engineering department.

I figured I should learn a bit about software development. I stumbled across a book “Python the Hard Way” by Zed Shaw. I was attracted to the ethos of the book because it didn’t sell us the lie we all know is not true; that there is no easy way. Things worth doing well are hard. Skills worth knowing are hard. There are no shortcuts or they would be the way. If it was easy society wouldn’t find it valuable. The only way to do something meaningful is the hard way.

The truth about real estate is that many people who do it will not be successful. Historically real estate has provided just a return of 2%. The stock market, by contrast, has returned 11% consistently since the 1970's. So why do folks invest in real estate? Because for the few that are willing to put in the time, real estate provides leveraged returns of 20%+.

I am going to write a series of articles for you that outlines what it takes to be successful in real estate. By following and practicing our fundamentals we can become part of the real estate elite. The fundamentals are simple, but not easy. It will take time. The rewards are worth it.

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