October 13, 2020

As I work to close my new 145 unit deal it can get frustrating at times. It will take days for a vendor or lender to get back to me; then I need to turn the document back over to them within 24 hours.

Start->Wait->Rush, etc.

It gets stressful to manage and there are a lot of moving pieces. I imagine I'm dealing with about 10 different folks as part of this apartment transaction on a weekly. A lesson I learned at Google is to fill in the gaps. When you work with different teams it's new people and they have different skill sets.

Some of my teams were extremely technical and needed help with the politics of getting something done. Other teams had far reach to get projects done, but needed technical guidance. I was at my best when I best understood the talents of my teams and worked to provide them the resources they needed to accomplish their goals. It required me to be fluid in my role and allow for the talent of others to shine.

That lesson has allowed me to close deals efficiently and quickly in real estate. Many investors don't fully take the time to learn about their team and utilize their talents to make transactions smoother. Everyone you come across in life can most likely do something better than you can. Let them shine.

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