The Most Successful Investors

August 4, 2020

I participated in a Twitter thread the other day. The question was what is the number one trait successful investors have.

It was an easy answer for me. It's not analysis, or finding the right deals, or getting lucky. The most successful investors are those that allow everyone to eat at their table. They create strong partnerships that ensure everyone involved in the transaction is compensated and make the experience of dealing with that investor pleasant.

It's a small world. Regardless of where you invest you will develop a reputation. The one hit wonders that burn every bridge they cross don't last long. They are the last person contacted about a deal. If they get it they always pay more.

The most successful investors are the first person on a broker's mind when they think about moving a property fast. The one's that foster a relationship worth having. They are the buyer all sellers want to sell to. I see so many investors on million dollar deals go to war over $10-20k.

My actions are always looking at a 10 year roadmap. How do I need to act and behave now so that 10 years from now I have a strong network of partners that get deals done?

Play the long game.

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