The Week of Close

October 28, 2020

As we approach the close of our 145 unit we are in the most stressful time. (A big reason I missed my Tuesday post!) Right before showtime. We have received most of our money, done with most of the paperwork, and have very little time remaining. It's exhilirating, scary, anxious driving, and the best part about the job.

As a real estate investor or even a manager the results of what we do comes down to just a set few days. Finding the deal, funding the deal, closing the deal, selling the deal. When de-constructed it's just a few hours that direct the course of your investing career.

Knowing it's a big day as your doing it always creates these raw emotions. I always fall back into gratitude for the people and opportunities that I am given and it helps me get through it. Once we close on this thing I plan to share all the details for others to learn from.

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